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Air Conditioning

The principle behind heating and air conditioning is based on heat will always disperse from a hotter or warmer area towards cold areas. This basic principle works via a system of heaters and coolers, with the former burning fuels to generate heat while the latter uses electricity.

To regulate the temperature in your home, your heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system needs an automatic, heat-sensitive switch called the thermostat. In cold weather, the thermostat turns on the heating unit to add heat energy into the air to make it warmer. In hot conditions, it turns on the air conditioners via electricity to remove heat thus lowering temperatures and making homes cooler and comfortable.

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Checking & Maintenance

Repairs involve fixing leaky valves, loose filters, wires, and even broken thermostats. If the cost of repair equals or surpasses that of a new system, then it’s advisable to talk to a contractor about replacement. A good AC repair service will inspect the system and advise on what can be repaired or what needs a total overhaul.

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