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Replacing an HVAC system can cost between $5,000 to $10,000. This includes the new equipment, installation, removal, and disposal of the old unit. Ductwork that is more than 15 years old should soon be replaced. A maximum lifespan for ductwork is 20-25 years, so if you have had yours for 20 years, its age might reduce the efficiency of the HVAC. A replacement is the best option.

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What Are the Reasons for Your AC Not Cooling?

Sometimes your AC blows out hot air. These are the most obvious: The thermostat is not correctly set, the airflow has a restriction, or the outside unit has run out of power. There are some ways to fix the AC if is not blowing cold air. The easiest solution is to reset the AC unit. To reset an AC unit, you must find the thermostat that might not be working properly causing it to not accurately detect the temperature. To reset the thermostat, start by shutting down the AC, then find the circuit breaker box, reset the circuit breaker for your AC unit, wait 30 seconds and finally, turn the AC thermostat on again. If you are wondering how to tell if your AC is broken, check the following warning signs:

  • The AC unit is blowing warm air.
  • The unit is running with insufficient airflow.
  • The unit is not completing frequent cycles.
  • You detect a high level of humidity in spring and summer.
  • You can see water leaking from the unit.
  • You detect bad odors.
  • There are unusual noises.

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