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Laine Cunningham

The quality and professionalism of Stone Services has made my husband and I customers for life.
Six years ago, I got a referral from a neighbor for Stone Services. My HVAC system had conked out and needed to be replaced. I was single at the time and worried that a dishonest company might try to sell me something too expensive, or would do work that was subpar. My neighbor, who was also single at the time, had already worked with Stone when they replaced her HVAC, and she highly recommended them.
Mr. Stone worked with me personally to make sure I knew all the options available and understood what each would provide. I got a system that has run exceptionally well and is of high quality; the price I paid for it was very reasonable.

Last month, my husband and I began the process of selling the home. The pre-inspection that was done measured the operation of the HVAC unit at 100%. So, six years in, the system is working as if it is brand new.
Stone Services has maintained regular maintenance of the system all these years. They have always taken care of it, and have done the cleaning of the ionizer they installed at my request when the system went in. They have kept this investment, both the HVAC and the ionizer, working at top efficiency.

The power bill went down after the install, and has remained very low. In fact, the monthly report we get from the power company shows our consumption compared to efficient homes and regular homes. We are nearly always only slightly above the efficient home usage. We know that a big part of it comes from Stone having put in the right system for this home.
I have also needed to call them in twice during the house sale to present details of the system to the buyers. Each time, they have responded quickly and have been very supportive. They have helped even this process go smoothly.
Stone Services really does go above and beyond. They care about every client, and they have proven to be quality professionals at every step. We’re going to have them work on the HVAC in our new home, and will set up a service contract for the new house. Customers for life!