Types of HVAC Systems

To install a new HVAC system, complete with ductwork costs and labor might set you back between $8,800 and $14,000. Why is HVAC installation this expensive? The simple answer to that relates to rising costs associated with electrical, heating, plumbing, and thermodynamics, among other aspects that go into the installation process.

Types of HVAC Systems

Heating systems installation might be a little hard on your pocket, but the benefits of warmth during those cold months for years can go a long way to offsetting that cost. You have the option of looking at different types of HVAC when considering a heating system for your home. If you are wondering which heating system is best for you, then ask an HVAC professional near you for help. Specifically, you can install furnace heating, boilers, mini-split heat pumps, Window AC with heat, and direct heating.

  • Furnaces are the most popular heating systems for homes. The US Department of Energy (DOE) estimates that 49% and 34% of households use natural gas and electricity respectively for their heating needs.
  • Heat pumps provide a two–way system, which means you can use them for heating as well as for air conditioning.
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