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Ultraviolet Treatment Systems

Ultraviolet Treatment Systems

Ultraviolet Treatment Systems Features

Dry indoor air can make your home feel uncomfortable causing skin irritation, creating static shock, and damaging home furnishings and woodwork. To maintain an adequate moisture level to the air in your home, Rheem offers a Steam Humidification System to work with your Rheem central heating system.  Steam Humidifiers work by warming water in a tank which is turned into steam and allowed to flow throughout your home.
When you consider all the things you breathe each day in your home, it’s worth thinking about a Rheem Ultraviolet Treatment System. Gain peace-of-mind for your family by having one installed, which can greatly improve your home’s indoor air quality and the air you breathe every day.

  • Highly Efficient – Kills mold spores and certain live, airborne bacteria passing by the lamp.
  • Easy Lamp Replacement – LED light indicates lamp replacement is required and snap-in lamp design makes replacement easy.
  • Safe Design – Sealed unit design prevents accidental contact with UV rays.
  • Long Lamp Life – Advanced technology optimizes lamp life up to five years.

Rheem Ultraviolet Treatment Systems

Part Number Description
RXIU-A02A UV-C (Single Lamp), Coil Irradiation or Return Applicationsultraviolet treatment systems
RXIU-A03A UV-C (Dual Lamp), Coil Irradiation or Return Applicationsultraviolet treatment systems
RXIU-A01A ultraviolet treatment systems24V Coil Treatment System with Remote

Ultraviolet Treatment Systems Specifications

  • Rheem Ultraviolet Treatment Systems
  • Highly Efficient – KIlls Mold Spores & Live Airborne Bacteria
  • Easy Lamp Replacement & Indicator Light
  • Safe Design – No Contact with UV Rays
  • Long Lamp Life – Up to 5 Years

Ultraviolet Treatment Systems Documents

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Ultraviolet Treatment Systems Warranties

Parts Warranty: 5 Years