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Package Gas/Electric

Package Gas/Electric


Durable Cabinet with Louvered Condenser Compartment.
Our cabinets have a powder painted finish that protects them from the harshest weather extremes. And our louvered condenser compartment is the best in the industry for protecting the condenser coil against yard hazards and weather extremes.

Grille/Fan Motor Mount.
Our mount helps protect the fan motor from the elements for longer life. Its design dependability helps reduce vibration and noise.

Furnace Compartment.
Located inside the easily accessible furnace compartment is the control box, draft inducer motor, in-shot gas burners, the gas valve and manifold. Control box operational controls are “up front” for quick access and service diagnostics. The draft inducer motor is specially designed to quietly provide combustion air while simultaneously venting outdoors the combustion products from the furnace heat exchanger. In addition to the draft inducer motor, the in-shot gas burners, gas valve and manifold efficiently regulate the flow of gas for combustion. These new gas/electric units also feature direct-spark ignition and remote flame sensors for added dependability and efficiency.

Matched Blower/Evaporator Coil Unit.
The blower is responsible for the flow of air into your ductwork. It has been designed to match the MultiFlex® evaporator coil and other system components for maximum efficiency and quiet operation. In addition, the coil features rifled copper tubing and enhanced fins for improved efficiency.

Tubular Heat Exchanger.
Our new gas electric package units feature a tubular heat exchanger design. Tubular heat exchangers are more efficient and durable than older-style clamshell heat exchangers. The factory standard heat exchanger is backed by a ten year limited warranty.

Service Fittings.
Exterior service fittings enable a serviceman to quickly determine unit operating conditions.

  • 13 SEER, 1 & 3-Phase
  • 2-5 Ton
  • Scroll Compressor
  • R-410A

Package Gas/Electric Efficiency

SEER: 13

Package Gas/Electric Documents

package gas/electric Consumer Literature
package gas/electric Specification Sheet
package gas/electric Submittal Sheets
package gas/electric Tax Credit Form 2011
package gas/electric Tax Credit Form 2010

Package Gas/Electric Warranties

Conditional Parts Warranty – 10 Years (1-Phase Residential, Registration Required), 1 Year (Commercial)

Compressor – 10 Years (1-Phase, Residential) 5 Years (1 & 3-Phase, Commercial)

Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger – Limited Lifetime (Residential) 20 Years (Commercial)

Factory Standard Heat Exchanger – 10 Years