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Cooling Coils

Cooling Coils

Cooling Coils Features

Rheem Coils are designed for use with a RHEEM outdoor unit as part of a matched and balanced system. They feature a unique and patented design for long, dependable service. With this matched and balanced system, you should see less problems with drainage, airflow, and a number of other issues. When desinging a unit, you should but seldom do think of drainage issues, and proper airflow over the cooling coils. But it only makes sense that if the airflows in a correct pattern, the coils will provide a better cooling benefit.

Available in upflow, downflow, and horizontal configurations, and with capacities ranging from 18,000 to 60,000 BTUH (5.27 to 17.58 kW), they can be easily converted to any other airflow configuration. MultiFlex coils are ARI-certified for system application with a wide variety of RHEEM outdoor units and feature high-grade, heat-resistant, corrosion-free polymer material for the condensate drain pan. It is truly amazing that Rheem has so many designs available for use for your air conditioning unit. I truly feel that the leader in the industry is Rheem due to its forward thinking, innovation of design, quality of engineering. All who have used Rheem feel the same and speak highly of its good points.

When a system is matched and balanced like this Rheem, you will expect and will get a more efficient unit. The operationa issues are minimal at best and the efficiency of the unit is out the roof. Talk with your Sales Representative to make sure you get the unit that is good for your size home and gives you the most cost effective and efficient operating unit. Depending on house size, square footage, the size of the air conditioning unit is based on square footage, and the expected comfort level needed. The cooling coils are then matched and balanced with the unit.

The Importance of Matched Systems. Matched system components are crucial for efficient and dependable system operation. Insist on a RHEEM coil to ensure you are getting the efficiency you are paying for.

Now if you want more specific information on each unit, you can go to the Rheem website, and it will list the units and assessories that are recommended for each unit and for each area that it is expected to cool.

Cooling Coils Specifications

  • Cased and Uncased MulitFlex® Coil
  • R-410A
  • HP applications


Conditional Parts Warranty – Equal to the Limited Parts Warranty of the Outdoor Model (Registration Required)

Limited Parts Warranty – 5 Years