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Customer Referral

Customer Referral

Stone Services Inc. appreciates all of its customers and is proud to serve their heating, cooling and electrical needs. Customer referrals are such an important part of growing our business, we, at Stone Services Inc., would like to give you something in return for your business. So for every sale that results from your referral, we would like to say thanks by offering a gift card to a restaurant of your choice.

Customer Referral

Service call: $15.00

Energy Savings Agreement: $10.00

Rheem Product Sales: 3%

If Customer Referrals are recognized as an intregal part of the business, you can reward the customer for each referral with some type of monetary reward or gift card. As our business grows, we make our customers feel like family and family takes care of each other.


The program that Stone Services Inc has set up is for certain type of referrals. Each referral type is given a different reward as they mean more to the business. Service calls are number one. Once we are on a service call and are able to help a new customer, we then have the access to promote other services to them. In other words, it is important to get your foot in the door first. Would you not feel better if your friend referred you to Stone Services, Inc. instead of you cold calling a business and hope you get good service.

As a businessman, I would value a Customer Referral more than some cold calls from any person. Not to profile people, but referrals say to me that these people are most likely a good risk, business wise, and their potential for long term use is increased. This helps to maintain our customer base.

Please fill out the customer referral for our record keeping and a way to verify your referral for the reward program. Just simply fill out the information below, and once the sale is complete we will send you your gift certificate to the restaurant you select in the mail.

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How to Get Customer Referrals

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